Previously we worked with Debt Collection companies and we found that they would do little more than send dunning letters which in all honesty we could have done ourselves, then asked us to pay them for legal action. We decided to use V-CM Credit Management to look after our ad-hoc AR function. Not only did they manage to collect some of our delinquent arrears but also debt that was looking to become bad debt V-CM negotiated with our debtors and gave us guidance on whether to begin the litigation process or not, and training our inhouse Credit Control team all within a reasonable cost.

The way V-CM handled our requests and maintained a professional and honest dialogue with hour clients ensured that we continued to trade with these clients that were synonymous with paying late.

V-CM professionalism and dedication has enabled us to concentrate on growing the business in the knowledge that V-CM will ensure our invoices over >60 are paid promptly whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers..

Adam Barton

Managing Director - Generate Financial Services