In some or nearly all cases that V-CM have handled, not only does Language plays a very important part but cultural expectations and time zone variations. Thus in essence operating a credit control department across international borders to deal with your client can prove difficult. V-CM is one step ahead, not only does V-CM have resources in place globally, including native language speakers which helps to ensure that contact is made with the right departments and personal to decrease any further delays in payment.

V-CM prides itself by employing high quality International Credit Control experts, our experts operate as an extension of your business, this means that we carry your branding from our first call to all correspondence and this gives Veritas the ability to develop and build your existing customer relationships.

V-CM Credit Control Experts are not only focused on ensuring the cashflow is constant but also ensure that the relation between “you” and your “ client” remains strong and therefore getting you to the top of the payment list, thus therefore minimising your credit risk by staying close to your international customers, improving your cash flow and reducing your operating costs.