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Reduce Bad Debt

By rigidly and automatically implementing your chasing rules as well as involving your entire organisation in your query resolution process, your cash-flow naturally increases and DSO improves dramatically.

Visibility of Risk

Instant management information provides your entire Finance team with cash forecasting, query bottlenecks, visibility of risk and other areas of your ledger that need specific attention.

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What is Outsourced Credit Control?

Credit Control is the function that converts your invoice into cash. Getting your invoices paid is vital for any business as the conversion to cash has to be as efficient as possible..

V-CM understands this therefore we are in a prime position to align it with our clients high quality customer service and requirements. However, if done poorly, invoice chasing can quickly alienate customers, thus jeopardising repeat business and most importantly could damage your reputation. .

When you outsource your credit control to V-CM International Credit Management, you are handing over this process not only to provide the same level of service that you as a client expect but also to ensure that all contact with your “client” is professional and managed from start to finish.